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Are you a contractor looking to boost your profit, improve your cash flow, and reduce your stress?

If you are ready to:

    . . . . . stop guessing how much profit you are making.

    . . . . . get an easy system to manage cash flow.

    . . . . . use results from your last job to fine-tune your next bid.

    . . . . . know what markup to use to cover costs, overhead, and profit.

Then it's time to take control of your finances.

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Construction Accounting You Trust


Using QuickBooks Online, Profit First and our years of experience, we provide accounting and profit coaching tailored for contractors.


At Contractor Profit Systems, our accounting experts take care of the financial aspects of your business that keep you up at night. We deliver precision bookkeeping, show you a simple cash flow management system, and provide the tools to run a profitable business. We handle the numbers so you can focus on what you do best. 

Save Time    -    Improve Margins    -    Stress Less

3 benefits of working with Contractor Profit Systems

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Exceptional Bookkeeping

Working with QuickBooks Online, we provide accurate and timely data tailored to the exact needs of your construction business to ensure you have a clear picture of your business's financial health, allowing you to make decisions confidently.

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Cash Management System

At Contractor Profit Systems, we utilize the Profit First method of cash management. We love helping our clients use this incredible tool to organize their money, keep more profit, and save for taxes. It's simple to understand and use, and the results are incredible.

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Profit Coaching

With solid financial data and controlled cash flow, the next step is to maximize your profits. From analyzing the markup in your bids to planning for the future, we're your Profit Warrior, guiding you every step of the way.

We manage your books, and provide personalized coaching so you can grow your profits.

What People Have to Say

Kelly at Contractor Profit Systems has helped our company save money in just a few months.  We were struggling to save money to purchase a building and even to make payroll at times.  Since using her system, we have saved money for our building purchase, have not had any trouble making payroll, and even have some leftover in our Profit account to share between owners.   It is a great system, and I recommend Kelly and what she does to everyone!

Brandy, Environmental Safety Professionals

Working with Kelly has been one of the best things to happen to our company in a long time. She helped us get our processes in place so our expenses and income were correctly categorized ensuring when tax time came we were prepared. Kelly also helped us by referring us to trusted vendors to meet our needs. In addition to these things she found ways for us to save time on repetitive tasks that gave us more time to focus on growing our business. We always appreciated her taking the time to explain things to us in a way we could understand when we needed to make a decision, it made us more savvy and future conversations more productive. We've had much success in the previous years and it would have been difficult to accomplish if we didn't have her in our corner.

Greg, Stone Ventures

Kelly has been a key component in our business's growth. She has been instrumental in developing operating systems, creating cash flow forecasts, and creating financial money management systems. She is always prompt with her communication and innovative with solutions to issues that arise. We strongly recommend Kelly for assistance with any business.

Carly, Atlas Construction

Take your business to the next level

How It Works

Schedule a Call

During our 30-minute call, we'll dive into your needs, challenges, and goals. By the end, you'll walk away with valuable advice to help you conquer obstacles and achieve your objectives.

Financial Transformation

We will transform your accounting from a source of confusion into a powerful tool that can literally change your business and your life. Finally, understand your finances and get control of your cash flow so you can grow your business and make more money.

Continuous Improvement

Meet regularly with your dedicated US based Profit Warrior who will provide customized support you as you grow your contracting business. Finally you'll have a partner that can help guide you through business challenges.

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